Friday, May 27, 2011

May I have a word? DIY Birch Bark Lettering

   Want to spruce up your walls with a word or two? Below are instructions for birch bark lettering. I chose the word "EAT" for above my dinning room window. It goes along with a bunch of photos I have strung up of friends and family gathered around the table.

DIY Birch Bark Lettering
Birch bark torn from tree 
(I have lots of them)
double stick tape
peel and gather bark
cut pieces to desired length/width
assemble draft of letters
double stick tape letters together
tape words to wall

Monday, May 23, 2011

Re-purposed Bedroom Decor

    Since the weather's gotten warmer, I've been caught up in various re-purposing projects (thus the lack of blog posts). I've got the itch to give my house more of a vintage farmhouse vibe, but don't really have the cash to go out and replace everything. Thankfully, I have a passion for turning both "junk" and nature into decor. Below are a few of my recent bedroom re-purpose projects.
    First is a door headboard. This door (originally a light wood finish), has been sitting in our garage since we moved in (6 years ago). Last week my husband said he was going to get rid of it, so I figured it was time to get moving. Here's the finished project:

stilts to hold headboard

DIY Door Headboard
Supplies Needed:
two 2x4's
8 screws (less if your door isn't too heavy)
paintbrush, screwdriver
1. chose your door and paint desired color(s) (I used a wire type paint brush and did a thin layer to create a more distressed look-you may also want to use sandpaper to further distress your door)
2. once dry, turn over and place 2x4's like stilts to the back of your door. Make sure that they are spaced the same on both sides or you will have a slanted headboard!
3. using your screwdriver attach 4 screws per 2x4 (the door I used was quite heavy)
4. Place behind your bed and enjoy!

    Now that I had my headboard finished I really wanted to update my more modern looking Ikea cube lamps. I cut material from an old nightgown and super-glued it onto the lamp like a snug fitting coffee sleeve. Here is the before and after shot of the lamp:
Ikea cube lamp before
lamp after
    I also really wanted a vintage accent pillow for the bed, so using the remaining nightgown fabric I made one. All I did was wrap an old pillow like a present, securing it with a safety pin and hid the pin with a old fabric flower. Presto Pillow! 
    Of course eventually I'd like to do something different with the nightstands/dresser, but that's another day. I'm currently in the midst of several other re-purpose projects I'll share with you all later. In the mean time I Hope I've inspired you to turn your "junk" into something useful.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bring Baking Soda to your Bathroom

According to the Arm and Hammer box, there are hundreds of uses for baking soda. I knew the powder is known for odor elimination so I decided to try it one day as deodorant. IT WORKS AWESOME! I've tried lots of "natural" deodorants and the baking soda is far superior in cost and effectiveness. Just put some on an old make up brush and dust it on (some people like to add in cornstarch to give it a softer texture).

In case you're wondering; aluminum found in most deodorant is absorbed into your skin and has been linked to cancer, and Alzheimer's disease (sweat is one of the body's primary ways of getting rid of toxins and if you use anti-perspirants, the toxins have nowhere to go). 

Some other uses for baking soda in your bathroom?
     * Make a paste of baking soda and water to exfoliate your face
     * Mix with a bit of castille soap, and water to clean your
     * Sprinkle on your toothbrush and brush away
Visit Arm & Hammers website for a free "Handy Tips" print out. Before you reach for your chemical cleaners, or body products try baking soda as a frugal alternative.