Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY door draft stopper

   Have a drafty door? Or possibly a rather loud toddler and a door that has over an inch gap at the bottom which allows all the "quiet time" noise to bleed into the sleeping siblings room?
   If either of those sounds like your house, I invite you to try my up cycled door draft stopper. Up until today I was just using a half rolled up towel. Not exactly appealing compared to my new creation.
Here's what you'll need:
- Old pair of footed tights
- a ribbon to tie the end (or if u use footless tights you can just tie both ends)
- old baby bath towel or rice. ( rice will keep the stopper from moving around so much, but it costs more and is a little riskier with toddlers involved of one was ever to "come open")
1. Cut the tights up the crotch- in half
2. Lay your material at base of doorway and cut the length you need.
3. Fill the stocking with rice or rolled baby towel
4. Tie the end and you are done!