About this blog: 
A few months ago I came to the realization that I was either reading or watching far too many stories about all the toxins that are going into or onto our bodies. Having all this information, how could I NOT do something about it. As a mother of two small children I couldn't take the risk of carrying on with our lives the way they were. The changes I've made are not because of my love for the environment but to create the best possible environment for myself and my family. 
I'm not a hippie in every sense of the word, but I'm striving to make all the changes I can based on the information provided to me. This blog is about my journey on this attempt to "detoxify."
Stay tuned for more specific stories of my modern-day-metamorphosis.
                                                        About me: 
I am a stay at home mom of two high-energy toddlers and am dabbling in a little clean-living-consulting on the side. I enjoy food, wine, music, creating things, research on topics I'm passionate about. I have a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Marketing from California State University Bakersfield and currently reside in St Paul Minnesota.