Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dinner Dilemma

Some days cooking a dinner that's healthy, cheap, AND appealing to a toddler can be a challenge. Today is one of those days. After burning my finger on my skillet I came up with Brown Rice/Black Bean Mex Casserole.  Here's what I came up with:

Brown Rice/Black Bean Mexican Casserole

Cooked 1 1/2 Cups Brown Rice in my dutch oven (still need to give her a proper name:)
Meanwhile heat EVOO in skillet. Once warm, add clove of garlic and sauté about a minute
Add some chopped onion, red bell pepper, few dashes of cumin & salt
sauté until transparent.
Throw the onion mix into the dutch oven
Open a can of black beans and add to the mix
Stir everything together.
Pour a bit of Chicken Broth over the top (I used Pacific Organic. Omit this step for a vegetarian version)
Next Sprinkle Cheese over top
Bake @ 350 about 20 minutes.
Garnish with Cilantro or Green Onion and Sour Cream.

Bon Apetite! In a future blog we'll discuss using safe ingredients and cookware in your kitchen so stay tuned.

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