Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Water Ways

photo courtesy of Carver County Water Dept
   Anyone that knows me knows that I drink a TON of water (probably close to a gallon a day). So, when I read the news that cancer causing chromium-6 (remember Erin Brokovich?-same stuff) has been found in the drinking water of many US cities, I figured it was time to dig a little deeper. Sadly my research unveiled that Over 300 pollutants have been found in US drinking water and half aren't even regulated. Arsenic, weed killer, flouride, etc. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE LIST of contaminants.
   After meeting with a few professional company sales people we decided it would be MUCH cheaper to buy a reverse osmosis system/water softener system ourselves and have a plumber friend install it (note that Reverse Osmosis is the only filtration that removes fluoride).

A note on flouride: The National Academy of Sciences found that in high amounts, fluoride can cause pitting and streaking in children's teeth. Also may cause brittle bones, cancer, hormone disruption.
The US is one of the only countries that fluoridates our water. Recently president Obama has called for reducing levels of fluoride. All you need to get the safe amount is simply a fluoride toothpaste (and some would argue that) . You don't need to ingest the stuff. And do we really want the government deciding what chemicals they should add to our water at any level?

   You can find out what's in your drinking water by entering your zip code below. Remember when reading your water report that not all contaminants are accounted for-just what's "regulated". Nothing can totally purify your water, but you CAN take steps to reduce your exposure.

CNN "Harmful Chemicals Found in Tap Water of 31 US Cities"
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