Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birch Christmas Tree Ornaments/Gift Tags

   When I saw these at a local boutique I thought "hey those would be so easy to make!" You could use almost any material you like if you don't have access to birch bark. I cannot emphasize enough just how free form this project really is. Sizes don't have to match, the bark doesn't have to look uniform, etc. Just HAVE FUN! This is a great craft to do with toddler age children as well (just make sure to use non-toxic materials)

Before you begin:
* In the interest of tree health, it's best not to peel the bark off of a living tree. I was thrilled to find some old hollowed out birch logs in the back of our lot for this project.
* Depending on how dirty your bark is, you may want to wipe it down with a damp cloth.

What you'll need:
Birch bark
mod podge
super glue
elmers glue
yarn, ribbon, hemp, etc for ornament hanging
What to do:
1. Cut your bark into 3 triangles similar in size (photo of my triangle. pre-tree below)

2. Cut a "stump" for your tree
3. superglue the tips of your triangles to each other, slightly overlapping to make a christmas tree shape. Also, glue the stump onto the bottom triangle (backview photo below)

4. Cover entire tree in thin layer of MOD Podge glaze
5. While glaze is drying, tie your yarn into a circle of desired length (refer to backview photo to see mine)
6. Use elmers glue to attach knot to back of the ornament
   Now sit back and enjoy your beautiful creation on the tree, or as a gift tag on your holiday presents.

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