Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Organic in a BIG Box

   First let me start out by saying that it's always healthier for your body, the environment, and the local economy to buy locally or homegrown whenever possible. However, for many reasons this can't always be done, and many people don't realize how many organic offerings are available at places like Costco.
     Below is a list of a few key staples I usually purchase at Costco along with their approximate savings.
Product Costco Price Avg. Grocery Store Price Savings
Org. Whole Milk 8.99/3 half gal 3.5/one half gal $1.50
Org. Mixed Greens 4.29/2 lbs 2.99/1 lb $1.70
Org. Butter 6.99/two-4 packs 4.99/one 4-pack $3.00
Org WW Bread 4.99/2 big loaves 2.99/loaf $1.00
Uncured Bacon 10/Three packs 4.50/pack $3.50
Org. Half and Half 2.99/half gal 2/pint $5.00
Total Savings: $15.70. And who doesn't like a good bargain?!
You may be thinking "I don't want three cartons of milk-it goes bad before I can drink it." Fret not; organic milk stays fresh much longer than conventional. 


  1. you can freeze milk too and defrost when needed

  2. I wish I had a costco :( so sad.