Monday, November 1, 2010

"Do you want your kids to be part of the experiment?"- Dr Oz

Some people can't seem to understand why I'm making all these changes in our household. Just how many studies or  prominent public figures will it take to get the message across?Government has all this information yet isn't doing much of anything to stop it. It is YOUR responsibility to protect your family and reduce their exposure.
Below is a link to an article with Dr Oz regarding the disturbing early puberty rates among our nations females. Diet, obesity, and chemicals are all possible culprits. Watch the video segments and take time to seriously evaluate your lifestyle.
Call me granola, call me crazy crunchy, but I sure as heck don't want my kids to be part of the "Experiment"

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  1. this is exactly right. I never thought I'd give anyone reason enough to lump me in with conspiracy theorists or granola moms...but I refuse to remain numb and o livious and Lettie government control my quality of life, my health, my family's wellbeing. those who do not question and research for themselves, who blindly believe and follow what they're told can be the guinea pigs. not me.