Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Green" Clean Products = Waste of Green

   Don't be fooled by many of the "Green" cleaning products out there. The government does not regulate the claims made on these products and many have been found to emit hazardous chemicals. The "Household Product Labeling Act" (thank you Minnesota Senator) is in the process of being reviewed by the senate and would require companies list all ingredients on these products.
   What should you use? VINEGAR! 48 hours conducted a study and confirmed that vinegar actually kills 99.9% of bacteria. Many people are concerned with the strong scent, but once it dries not only does the smell dissipate, it actually absorbs other foul odors (we use it to absorb nursery odors as well).
    Click on the first link below for information on cleaning with vinegar and start saving your green!
How to use vinegar for almost anything:
Article about toxic green products:
48 Hours Vinegar/Heloise Article:

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