Monday, December 6, 2010

What DO we eat?

When people find out how "weird" we eat they always seem to ask "then what DO you eat?" Here's what this weeks dinner line up consists of:

   Monday: Baked Salmon Patties with yogurt dill sauce and baked sweet potato fries
   Tuesday: Kale and Brown Rice Casserole 
   Wednesday: Meatless Taco Soup (slow-cooker)
   Thursday: Asian Peanut Noodles Recipe Here
   Friday: Kale, tomato, garlic pizza

I try to plan the next weeks dinner before I grocery shop the previous week. I also try to use certain ingredients a few times. For the above menu I use kale both Tuesday and Friday, so nothing goes to waste. Also, I usually make Monday-Thursday's dinners on Sunday while my husband watches the kids. 
With a little planning and preparation it's totally do-able to have healthy budget-friendly dinners on hand.

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