Sunday, January 1, 2012

New slate for the New Year

    Start 2012 with a clean new magnetic slate! I've had this project half finished for a few months and figured it was time to complete and put it out as the Christmas decor came down.
What You'll Need:
* Chalkboard paint 
* cookie sheet or vintage metal TV tray (I got my sheet at the dollar tree)
* wine corks (Feel free to get creative with your border on this project. I've done some with bottle caps, pretty ribbon, buttons, etc.)
* hot glue
TIP: if you don't have enough wine corks, and don't feel like imbibing that frequently, ask your local spirits shop. They usually have extras from tastings. 
What to do:
1. paint chalkboard paint onto your sheet. let dry and add another coat
2. glue your corks onto border of tray
3. pick a inspirational quote to admire and write it on your board
That's it! Super simple and fun. You can also do one for each family member and use as your "message/note" center using magnets to hang papers on it.

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